10 Raunchy 2013 Movies About Sexual Obsessions

Spring Breakers Vanessa Hudgens

We all know that sex sells; there's no denying its power, nor any point ignoring the fact that we're all far more likely to be enticed by a movie if there's a good looking guy or gal heading it up. 2013 seems like it's been an especially raunchier year than most, even as we expect the sexual bar to be pushed more provocatively with each passing year as we become a more progressive and permissive society. This year (so far) has seen it all, from the more typically erotic fare of lesbians, three-ways and high-class hookers, to the more disturbing fringe fetishes, such as sexualised violence and oedipal conflicts. As we run down the 10 raunchiest movies concerned with sexual obsessions this year so far, it seems like there just might be something for everyone, no matter how conventional your tastes, and no matter how weird...

10. Stoker (Violence)

Stoker Mia Wasikowska Stoker is from the stable of acclaimed South Korean director Park Chan-wook, and given his propensity for queasy sexual mores, the last thing we should have expected from it was a regular placement on the sexual spectrum. Half-way through the movie, protagonist India Stoker (Mia Wasikowska), witnesses her Uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode) murder a fellow student who was about to rape her. India takes the incident in her stride, and this leads to a thoroughly disturbing scene later on, when India is having a shower, and begins to masturbate while thinking of the murder. Because this isn't horrific enough, Park makes it clear that India climaxes while imagining the moment at which the young boy's neck snapped, making it clear that she is anything but innocent in this deeply troubling tale. Though the film is never graphically sexual, it manages to make some pretty icky inferences without needing to show much.

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