10 Recent Movies You Only Watched For The Sex Scenes

Home invasions, imagined Amazonians, and life in a video game...


Alright look, there’s no shame in admitting it (well maybe there’s a little shame, but that’s sort of the point). We’ve all done it—come across a recent indie flick starring our latest crush, read a review mentioning the “racy scenes” where said star “bares all”, and immediately set about searching for a watchable stream.

And sure, half the time the movies themselves turn out to be eminently watchable, and the shoehorned-in sex scenes were a cheap and clearly very effective ploy to garner some publicity. There are also regular occasions when the sex scenes are the only parts of the flick worth watching, as well as the tragic incidents where the film is such a flop that even its sex scenes can’t keep it up (the audiences’ collective attention, that is).

Regardless, there are films in this list which feature in each category outlined above, and their only unifying feature is this—the fact that, for many viewers, the primary initial appeal was seeing the film’s much discussed sex scenes, and actually watching the film itself came a distant second.

So pull up a chair, try to locate the pause button, and swallow your pride as we list ten (relatively) recent films which we all only watched for their sex scenes.

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