10 Remakes That Totally Outshone The Original

Newer actually can be better.


A common opinion is that remakes, much like sequels, never live up to the standard set by their predecessors. But it's the exceptions that prove the rule and obviously, there have been several pertinent points to the contrary over the years. And there are some remakes that have been so good, many people seem to not even realize that there had been another version to begin with.

That's even the case when the originals are perfectly fine or bette, which is one of Hollywood's greatest ironies, really. Finished products that are awful tend to be left behind and left to be forgotten, even if another attempt could result in something special, but if something was done well the first time, studios wants to do it all over again in a few years.

Inevitably - and cynically - the reason for this is the likely big profits new versions can bring in, but there can be other genuine reasons behind remakes. Among them is the curiosity to find out how a story turns out with newer technology or simply what the vision for the story is from the point of view of a new group of talent. This can be especially true if it involves an adaptation from another medium. Of course, this can all magnificently backfire if a new vision is not to the liking of a long-established fanbase.

Whatever the justifications behind so many remakes, cynical or not, the fact is no matter how well the first go round went, there genuinely can be room for improvement...

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