10 Raciest Moments Ever To Happen At Cannes

Who says it's all high art?

Jeune & Jolie

As much as Cannes is celebrated for pushing the envelope when it comes to arty and foreign cinema, any cursory glance over the films that have shown over the years would reveal pretty quickly that the world's most famous film festival is something of a pervert. Or at the very least, it likes to make controversial selection choices full of nudity and occasionally unsimulated sex (a favourite on the Croisette it seems.)

So, we got to thinking about the very sexiest of those raunchy moments, not only from the films but from around the festival's various publicity events in the past. And though some of the choices below might seem a little off-the-beaten-track, you have to bear in mind that we're also talking about a festival that glorifies and celebrates the odd. So sexy to them is a whole different world.

Incidentally, there's absolutely no place for Sleeping Beauty, which failed to raise so much as a quiver despite the abundance of nudity, or sex tourist portrait Paradise: Love, which was arguably the single least sexy film of all time (in particular the almost abuse like scene involving the "birthday present" stripper.)

Anyway, less of what isn't on this list...

Dishonourable Mention

Troma Occupy Cannes 2013

Now I fully understand the Troma brand - they're all about shock and provocation to sell their movies, but the sight of a large, heavily made up man with thinning hair and the gut of a wallowing animal (Zac Amico) running down the Croisette screaming was possibly the least sexy thing I have ever seen in France.

For that reason alone, and the distinct feeling of eternal, soulful sickness that came with the vision, Mr Troma 2013 qualifies for a rather inauspicious mention here.

And now, on to the sexies...

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