10 Sexiest Movie Character Introductions Of All Time

Excuse me, Mr. Ebert? Is that a thumbs up in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Salma Hayek From Dusk Till Dawn

First impressions are huge. Not just in job interviews or on first dates, but also on the big screen. The first time we, as an audience, meet a movie character, we're going to form strong feelings about them right then and there.

For example, if a director wants the audience to get behind the action hero, maybe don't show him kicking a dog in the first scene and then punching his grandmother in the second. It'll just make it that much harder to root for the guy in the climactic gun battle.

Likewise, if the director wants his female lead to ooze sexuality, it might not be wise to first show her vomiting in a bathtub while wearing a dirty, tattered smock. Sure, some folks might be into that kind of thing, but most of the audience is going to have a tough time getting onboard.

Think of the sexiest movie character you've ever seen. (Don't think about them too hard, though, you'll need at least one of your hands free to click through the list.) Chances are, whichever character just popped into your head made a strong, sexy as hell first impression. That wasn't by accident.

So please, enjoy reliving your first encounters with these enticing characters. And if you haven't seen them before? Well...you're welcome.

10. X-Men - The Transformation Of Mystique

Weird Science Kelly Le Brock
20th Century Fox

Rebecca Romijn wearing nothing but blue body paint. REBECCA ROMIJN WEARING NOTHING BUT BLUE BODY PAINT! It's still bewildering that wasn't the tagline on the posters for the first X-Men movie back in 2000. It's certainly one of the main reasons non-comic book fans went to the theaters to see the film.

Her first appearance is a tad disturbing, but only if you're not a fan of watching smarmy-looking political aides shapeshift into blue-skinned mutants right before they kick the living hell out of even smarmier politicians. If you're not into that...then, yeah, this one probably isn't for you.

For the rest of us, seeing Romijn morph into Mystique for the first time was a great moment, not because it confirmed that the model-turned-actress was otherwordly hot (which it did), but because no one has ever looked so sexy slapping a dude around with their feet.

Nothing against Jennifer Lawrence's portrayal of Mystique, but it's impossible to improve upon Romijn's first impression.


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