10 Sexploitation Films To Keep You Up All Night

They'll turn you on from dusk till dawn.

Beach Babes
Full Moon Productions

“Exploitation films have an attitude more than anything,” says Basket Case director Frank Henenlotter. “It’s an attitude that you don’t normally find with mainstream Hollywood productions. They’re a little ruder, a little cruder, they deal with material people don’t normally touch upon.”

Henenlotter knows all about exploitation films, having cut class as a kid to visit 42nd Street, which in the 1970s was lined with run-down movie houses that played double and triple bills of filth and sleaze. There were low-budget horror films, kung-fu films, dubbed foreign oddities, and of course there were sexploitation films.

In seeking an edge over the major studios, filmmakers relied on gimmicks, and no gimmick proved cheaper than female nudity. When the rubber monsters attack the nude beach babe in the Roger Corman-produced Humanoids From The Deep, for instance, you suddenly forget about all those times you saw the cameraman’s shadow, the boom mike or the zipper running down the monster’s back.

A well-rounded cinematic diet needs sexploitation films just as surely as it needs Kurosawa and Fellini. Probably more so, because they’re in English and feature cheerleaders who can do things with a baton you wouldn’t believe.

Until Henenlotter and Corman make another movie, here’s 10 sexploitation films guaranteed to give you sweet dreams.  

10. Evils Of The Night


Mardi Rustam, producer of the American classics Psychic Killer, Please Don’t Eat The Babies and Lash Of Lust, made his directing debut with this bizarre jiggle-fest, which if nothing else ought to satisfy anyone who watches Skinamax at 2 am.

Filling out the supporting cast with all the strippers and porn stars he can find, Rustam spends the first third of the movie following his performers as they get high, get laid and go skinny-dipping. One girl talks about how she’s ready for The Big O “with fireworks and everything”, and in a movie like this, you know what that leads to.

Unfortunately, their sack time is interrupted by the arrival of a trio of Martians, who need a steady supply of teenagers for their ‘experiments’, which seem to involve kidnapping the bustiest females and stripping them down to their smalls.

Come the finale, the Martians announce they have all the specimens they need and fly away. The End. 

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