10 Subtle Tricks Horror Movies Use To Scare You

The behind-the-scenes secrets and psychological trickery that goes into scaring audiences...

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Of all genres, horror films are particularly infamous for using all manner of visual trickery and technical sleight of hand in order to get the right audience reaction. Most genres need their characters to do most of the dramatic heavy lifting, but the likes of horrors, thrillers, action movies, and any other film trying to provoke a primal response can use pure filmmaking prowess to scare and surprise their viewers.

After all, the audience needs scene after scene of conversation and interplay to care about our hero's impending divorce. But the average viewer doesn't even need to know the main character's name to be shocked when a jump scare rears its ugly head.

Not that every trick horror filmmakers use is as unsubtle and easily spotted as the much-maligned jump scare, though. Whilst that one might be infamous amongst horror nerds and the genre's critics, there are all manner of behind-the-scenes tricks of the trade that horror directors have managed to keep mostly under wraps.

Luckily, WhatCulture is here to lift the lid on this technical trickery to reveal the secrets horror filmmakers used to keep you on the edge of your seat.

(No guarantee that jump scares won't work on you after this article, though).


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