10 Things That Make No Sense About Star Wars Sequels

I guess "I am the senate" really is a good pick-up line?


With Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, Disney's Star Wars Sequel Trilogy has reached its conclusion. It began with the shot in the arm that was The Force Awakens, it continued with the divisive masterpiece The Last Jedi, and has now finished on a note that's far more bitter than sweet.

The director's chair has changed hands a few times throughout production and multiple clashing views on the same raw, enfranchised material has led to several plot holes, loose threads, and things that just don't make sense.

And while the ultimate value of these films ISN'T tied to some sort of contrived continuity, it would be a lot easier for audiences to appreciate them if they didn't have to cringe every few minutes at something that's way more confusing than necessary.

Leaving these nonsensical plot points in the finished draft of the film hints at lazy storytelling and direction that relies on audience recognition of the Star Wars brand to sell tickets, which is a terrible mentality to hold when you're handed the reins of one of the most beloved film franchises in cinematic history.

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