10 Things We Desperately Hope To See In The Mortal Kombat Film

X-Ray Moves. Shao Kahn. Brutalities. What else do we hope to see in the Mortal Kombat movie?

Warner Bros.

For over 20 years, Hollywood has tried to get the ball rolling on another Mortal Kombat film adaptation. However, the proposed reboot of Ed Boon and John Tobias' magnum opus never seemed to materialise. The property languished in development hell for so long, it felt like another live-action film of Mortal Kombat was never going to become a reality.

But everything changed when the Mortal Kombat red-band trailer dropped in February 2021. Not only was the film definitely happening, it looked AWESOME! After seeing shots of Kano holding a still-beating heart or Sub-Zero shattering Jax's arms with his cryokinesis, it is clear the director, Simon McQuoid, knows what fans want to see.

Even though the trailer proves there is a heap of content to satisfy the fanbase, there is always room for more. After 11 main games, a story spanning multiple dimensions, and nearly a hundred kombatants, there are many other factors that the reboot can incorporate. Since it's impossible to stuff in everything the fans want, here are the ten things we believe the 2021 version of Mortal Kombat should include.

10. Sub-Zero's Spine Rip Fatality

NetherRealm Studios/Midway

Mortal Kombat may have been an instant hit but that didn't stop the fighting game from causing a worldwide scandal. When it hit arcades back in the 1990s, parents and politicians were terrified Mortal Kombat's outrageous violence, decapitations, and dismemberments would traumatise children.

When news outlets wanted to emphasise the game's gore, they usually displayed a clip of Sub-Zero's fatality, which involves the ice-blasting ninja ripping off the head and spine of his victim.

Violence like this created such an outcry, it led to the creation of a video game rating system to prevent children from playing games with adult content. Complaints like this also encouraged the studio behind the 1995 film adaptation of Mortal Kombat to tone down the violence.

Luckily, this will not be an issue for the reboot since the filmmakers promised to show off the fatalities in all their bloody gory. Since the Spine Rip is the most infamous fatality in the franchise, it would be criminal not to incorporate it.

Having Sub-Zero perform this move wouldn't just be gratifying; it would prove the filmmakers didn't compromise their vision by cutting back on the gore.


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