10 Things You Never Knew About Pennywise

4. Rolling Stone Ranked Him #8 On Their Best Villains Poll

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In 2014, readers of Rolling Stone magazine voted for their favorite horror icons in a special poll for Halloween. Pennywise took eighth place, not bad for a character who at that point had only appeared in a TV miniseries.

In fact, Pennywise was the only character on the list with a single film credit. The top spot went to Michael Myers, who’d appeared in nine Halloween movies by that point, followed by Freddy Krueger (nine movies), Jason Voorhees (twelve movies), Hannibal Lecter (five movies, plus a TV series) and Pinhead (nine movies).

He was ahead of Norman Bates (five movies, plus a TV series), who took ninth place, while Candyman (three movies) completed the list. “It obviously wasn’t as great as the book,” wrote the critic, “but it still did more to create a widespread fear of clowns than anything else in history.”

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