10 Upcoming Movie Trailers That Are Probably Tricking You

The MCU's up to its usual tricks.

Marvel Studios

The very purpose of a movie trailer is to manipulate, to evoke emotions from the viewer, and in turn gets butts in seats for said film's theatrical release.

And while there's an inherent art to this manipulation, it's no secret that some movie studios go above and beyond to trick audiences for commercial gain - and in some cases straight-up lie about a troubled project.

These 10 films are unquestionably some of the most anticipated of the next year, but each also appears to be employing some sneaky marketing tricks in order to fool audiences.

You might think you have these movies pegged, but by digging a little deeper into what the images mean, it's possible to figure out what's really going on.

If you think you've uncovered a twist hiding in plain sight, it's probable that there's another one you're actually missing, and if some of these films seem a little too obvious and on-the-nose, it might only be because the studio is trying to throw you off from guessing the most important secret of all...

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