10 Upcoming Movies Starring Wrestlers

Batista's World Conquest continues apace.

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Wresting and cinema. One a over-subscribed pillar of western culture where over-the-top, muscle-bound, caricatures of real life scheme against one another in a never ending battle for prestige and supremacy, and the other also a platform of entertainment where this exact joke format has been done to death. Sorry, I'll do better in future.

Anyway being so similar in concept and execution (here's your script buddy) there's always delight to be had whenever someone crosses the streams. On the one had you get Arnold Schwarzenegger appearing on SmackDown and socking Triple H in the mouth, and on the other you get Hulk Hogan scrunching his face up and saying "...dookie??!?!?!".

And speaking of dookie, what's coming down the pipe for us here doesn't usually smell too inviting. You get the odd hits of course like The Rock and Batista (both feature here) but then you also get B-Movie cameos, low-budget disasters and literally anything attached to WWE Studios. Either way, forewarned is forearmed, so let's crack on.

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