10 Upcoming Movies That Have Made Terrible Mistakes Already

Replacing Simon Pegg with Kevin James?!


A lot of movies either live or die by their marketing. Unless you’re part of a franchise or have a huge name starring, directing or (occasionally) producing, you pretty much have to make your own way in the world. So far, these movies have stumbled and they aren’t even out of the gates yet.

Some of them are pretty big titles anyway and could weather the storm, while some of the terrible mistakes may yet be rectified. Others though could end up being a death knell for their respective projects.

Mistakes aren’t necessarily deal breakers; movies sometimes pull off the unexpected, and what seems like a poor decision at first can look brilliant with hindsight. Still, they’ll want to shake off the negative press before they actually reach their release window.

Either through casting, story arcs, promotion or a general lack of cohesion, these films seem quite troubled for now. Many could still turn it around, but Hollywood is littered with decent concepts executed or promoted poorly which audiences quickly turned their backs on.

These movies could well follow suit if they don’t get their act together soon.

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