100 Things Wrong With The Dark Knight Rises [Video]

The Dark Knight Rises It may be approaching a year since Christopher Nolan's finale to his Dark Knight Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, hit our screens, but the fans haven't stopped discussing it since. Whether to exalt the film for the emotional high that it went out on, or the rather rickety nature of certain aspects of its screenplay, it's easily been one of the most discussed films of the last 12 months. Having watched the film more times than is probably healthy or advisable, I feel like I know The Dark Knight Rises pretty much from back-to-front, meaning I've not only caught the sneaky comic book references that other viewers might not have, but I've compiled an extensive, obsessive list of every little nitpick that's wrong with the film, from an unsavoury line of dialogue to plot holes big enough The Caped Crusader could drive a fleet of Tumblers through them. You might not believe it, but yes, there are 100 things wrong with The Dark Knight Rises - a great film though it is in spite of these issues - and if you watch the video below, you too can become enlightened into the litany of flaws populating this epic comic book film.
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