11 Iconic Sex Scenes That Completely Redefined Movie History

These watershed moments in films changed boundaries and the popular perception of acceptability.

These days sex is everywhere and is used to sell everything from cars to yogurts. It is almost impossible to walk down a high street or through a shopping centre without seeing a flurry of billboards and posters that are aimed to catch the eye with their suggestive content. More than ever, sex sells. 2013 saw a huge amount of controversy in the film world and with that and the cultural success of '50 Shades Of Grey' it seems the general public is not just comfortable with what would have previously been called deviant behavior, but actively embracing it and searching it out. But how did we get to this point? For as long as there has been a Hollywood there has been controversy. At the centre of it are always the movies that try to push boundaries of what is allowed to be shown on film. If you were to ask the directors they would always claim their work was the height of artistry, but many produce these films to encourage condemnation because, as all good horror fans know, nothing fans the flames of box office sales better than the outrage of the moral majority. As the years go by the effectiveness of shock tactics have subsided to the point that, in most cases, the level and type of sexual content in mainstream films today would not have been acceptable less than fifty years ago. So what caused these changes and which were the watershed moments in films that changed these boundaries and the popular perception of acceptability? Let's explore the 11 iconic scenes that could have contributed to this point...

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