12 Huge Problems With Harry Potter Movies (Nobody Admits)

No franchise is perfect, but some of these problems could have easily been avoided...

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It’s been nine years since the release of the final Harry Potter movie, yet the series remains as popular as ever. Hardcore fans continue to watch these films and there are still plenty of discussions about which is the best entry in the franchise.

What’s particularly remarkable about the Harry Potter movies is how consistent they are. All eight of Harry’s adventures were well received by fans and critics alike and the box-office figures speak for themselves.

With any lengthy series, however, there are going to be a few problems here and there. The issues surrounding the Time-Turner, for instance, are often highlighted by Harry Potter fans. And the same can be said of the plot holes that come with the Marauder’s Map. Yet there are plenty of other issues that aren't talked about enough.

Such issues often arise from the filmmakers’ inability to fully adapt the source material. This can lead to plot holes or unexplained occurrences. But there are also some aspects of the Harry Potter movies that are so nonsensical it’s hard to believe they actually made the final cut…

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