12 Most Memorable Movie Sex Scenes Of 2013

The best, worst and weirdest sex scenes of the year in review.

No matter how much Hollywood and film fans attempt to remove themselves from the image of the grubby voyeur steaming up their glasses at the sight of a simulated sex scene, the enduring appeal of such scenes means that it continues to be appropriate to suggest that sex sells. But it's not just good sex that sells - sex scenes are now more daring and more provocative than ever before, with directors looking to push the boat out, whether that's through full-frontal, unglossed shots of nudity, or real sex, or deviant sex, and the result is a kaleidoscope of sexual content in some of the biggest films of the year. To celebrate the fact, we've put together a compendium of the most memorable sex scenes of the year - whether because they were affecting, or (aherm) effective, or because they were just plain creepy. This was, remember, the year when Hollywood A-listers engaged in sexy time with a car, a candle and a gun, and an erect penis was shown, not only in all of its glory, but in someone else's mouth in a "mainstream" trailer from Lars Von Trier.

Honourable Mention

Pretty Much Everything - Nymphomaniac
It won't actually see release until February in the UK and March (on a limited basis) in the US, but some parts of Europe - including notorious raunch strong-holds like Hollans (as well as Spain, Denmark and the Czech Republic) got an early, full-frontal Christmas present in the shape of Lars Von Trier's provocatively sexual new release. But of course, Nymphomaniac isn't sexy, and it's sex scenes are merely distractions from what the film is really about. It's just not all that clear exactly what that is, though there's plenty of time to consider it as Von Trier metaphorically masturbates his way through four hours of self-consciously unwatchable "art" punctuated by real sex with all of the grim connotations. If you're looking for romanticised raunchiness, go with another choice.

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