12 Most Anticipated Upcoming Nude Film Scenes

For artistic purposes only... Obviously... Right, Directors?

Each year in cinema and TV brings plenty to look forward to, be it an exciting new entry into a beloved franchise, an adaptation of a classic novel, or simply, the sheer joy of seeing beautiful people getting naked for our viewing pleasure. With festival screenings, early releases and press interviews revealing who's stripping off long before the films actually end up hitting our screens, fans of movie nudity are able to rub their hands in delighted anticipation of who they'll get to see in the buff this year and next. A great, classic nude scene can help bolster an actor or actress's popularity forever more, and some even believe that it can bolster their Oscar chances in prestigious roles (looking at you here, Kate Winslet). Whether these scenes feature iconic moments from beloved source material, actresses you'd never expect getting their kit off, are artistic foreign films which gleefully embrace graphic nudity, or simply depict gorgeous rising stars sure to become the next Margot Robbie, these 12 scenes are certain to open plenty of eyes over the next 12 months. By their unreleased nature, don't expect too many racy images from these scenes, so you'll have to use your imagination instead!

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