12 Movies That Wasted Great Twist Ideas

12. Jurassic World: Lost Kingdom— Maisie Is A Clone (Not That It Matters)


Released in 2018, Lost Kingdom was the follow up to 2015's surprisingly effective slice of blockbuster action Jurassic World.

However, where Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow kept things simple plot-wise in that largely successful effort, A Monster Calls helmer JA Bayona had no such plans for this follow-up.

Thus, this over-stuffed sequel gave viewers a rescue mission to a volcanic island, a new genetically engineered dinosaur bio-weapon, and a black market for cartoony arms dealers to bid on dinosaurs. But those are not the twists which made this list.

No, the wasted twist in Lost Kingdom is the mid-film reveal that the young protagonist Maisie is actually a clone, not an ordinary human child. As she's the focus of the film's opening moments and is frequently central to the action, it seems this revelation might result in her siding with the genetically engineered dinosaurs laying waste to their human captors rather than the rest of our heroes.

Scary, right?

Well it's a good thing the twist Is never mentioned again and has no bearing whatsoever on her actions, then. That was a close call.

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