12 Movies That Wasted Great Twist Ideas

Pointless clones! Killer planets! Secret siblings! Poorly handled suicides! Surprise 9/11!

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There are few things in cinema as singularly satisfying as a good plot twist.

No matter how cleverly plotted and well written a movie is prior to its big reveal, nothing hits the spot quite like the thrilling shock of "oh that's who Tyler is!" or a "no wonder the kid was the only one talking to him!"

That said, not every good twist is included in a good film.

Sometimes screenwriters stumble across a surprising but thematically clever and appropriate turn for their story to take...

Then end up f***ing up the rest of the film.

That's why there are lists like this one, to document the many cases where filmmakers accidentally added an effective, clever plot twist to an otherwise awful movie. Some of these films are full blown duds whereas some are merely passable and fail to live up to their potential, but what they all have in common is a great twist which the film itself fumbles, over-explains, under-utilises, or fails to justify in the movie itself.

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