12 Predictions For "Upcoming" Sequels Ever Being Made

Announced...but possibly never happening.

Tomb Raider Alicia Vikander
Warner Bros.

Hollywood is a fickle industry where films live and die on the whims of studio executives with dubious motives and an even more questionable knowledge of what actually makes a successful movie.

As a result, it's little surprise that literally hundreds of sequels to profitable, acclaimed movies have been hastily announced over the years that ultimately failed to materialise.

Studios like to keep their options open so they rarely ever formally cancel a planned sequel, but they'll often quietly "shelve" a project for one of many reasons.

Perhaps a fast-and-easy sequel isn't coming together as fast-and-easy as executives hoped for, or maybe it was decided that the previous film didn't gross enough to make a planned follow-up worth the hassle.

In the case of these 12 announced sequels, their future is very much in doubt as money-hungry studios debate their financial viability in the current climate. Although most of them are officially still in some form of development, the likelihood of them actually releasing is far dicier.


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