12 Things Hollywood Always Gets Wrong About Sex

11. Elevator Sex Is Wildly Popular

The Trouble With Romance

If the movie industry is to be believed, there's currently someone having sex in the elevator of whichever building you happen to be in right now. And if there's not an elevator in your building, someone is drawing up plans to install one for the explicit purpose of giving two highly-attractive people a place to thump thighs.

Action movies feature this a lot, and comedies frequently use this trope to create an awkward post-coital "Gotcha!" moment with a bunch of knowing onlookers, but pretty much every genre is guilty of including elevator sex way more often than they should.

Most of the time, it happens after two people have been playing hard to get. Or they've been fighting like cats and dogs, screaming in each other's faces for half an hour, all the while knowing the only way they'll ever be able to resolve their issues is by banging one out in a lift somewhere.

Using Hollywood math, everyone on earth has had sex in an elevator at least once. And only like 4 percent of those people got caught.

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