12 Worst Video Game Movies Of All Time

Where passion is squandered, money is spent and the end result is never satisfying.

Lions Gate

The only time film critic Roger Ebert put himself in the crosshairs of gamers was due to him giving a response in the negative. Through discussion between the writer and gamer Kellee Santiago via TED talks and letters in the news, the pair never found common ground. Typically, gaming and filmmaking are either thought of as similar mediums or exact opposites - there appears to be no in-between.

We come to appreciate art on our own terms, but first we must define what it is. The question of whether or not video games are art will always be up for debate, however film can easily be classified as such. But while trying to blend the two mediums, something gets soured. Perhaps the film's demands for character arcs that once were foreign to gaming doesn't fit the feel of the game; perhaps the game's logic - whatever there is - is just awful cinematically.

Alas, so long as the irritating guy in the office promotes it like a verbal tic, synergy is still very much a part of the game - and the merchandising tie-ins will likely come. Few, however, get the royal treatment: a major Hollywood picture based on the material.

There's a reason for that. Here are the worst.

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