13 Movies That Are Destined To Disappoint In 2019

Hellboy looks...not good.

Hellboy Poster 2

Disappointment is a sad fact of life, and it's simply not possible that every hugely anticipated movie ends up meeting (sometimes unreasonable) expectations from audiences.

Just this week Glass has received heavily mixed reviews from critics with most deeming it a let-down, and it's likely to be only the first of many disappointing films released throughout 2019.

Sure, there's precious little chance that, say, the Russo brothers will screw up Avengers: Endgame, while all Shazam! has to do is be dumb fun and Joaquin Phoenix will probably make Joker interesting even if it doesn't totally work.

And of course, some films will quite obviously suck: it's safe to say there's few holding out hope for the likes of Dark Phoenix or the new The Grudge reboot, yet in the case of these 13 films, each at least has the potential to be good if not great.

But from rumours about troubled productions to underwhelming trailers and even pure gut feeling, it seems like each of these buzzed-about films is set to underwhelm.

It'd be great to be wrong, but you'd be smart to keep your expectations basement-low in these cases...

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