13 Nude Scenes You Might Have Missed In 2014

Now featuring Harry Potter, Batman and a genuine sex tape.

2014 was the year of Nymphomaniac, Sex Tape and the wide release of alien sex "romp" Under The Skin so it's fairly obvious that sex continues to sell in cinema. The former was an inevitable slog, the latter a surprising gem, and Sex Tape was awful but still managed to sell millions of tickets on the bag of a vague promise of titillation and A-list nudity that it didn't really deliver all that well on. But even away from the biggest sexually-themed films of the year, film-makers continued to use actors without their clothes on as an important story-telling mechanic - or at least that's what they said was the reason - and in many cases the films were so bad, or so obscure (thanks to limited releases or good old fashioned critical apathy) that nobody actually saw them. And because nudity in something as unifying as cinema still feels shocking and provocative thanks to the usual censorship curtain, those films and scenes still deserve attention. So, whether taken from obscure films, or TV shows, or blink-and-you€™d-miss-it instances, these are the 2014 movie moments that had fans peering closer at the cinema or reaching for the pause button. Inevitably as Hollywood reflects the changing landscape of sexual liberation and equality, far more male nude scenes are making their way into the mainstream, even if full frontal male nudity is still deemed one of the last taboos of film-making (and the easiest way to annoy the censors). It's time that changed, but it's unlikely to be a quick evolution.
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