15 Best Acted Scenes In MCU Movies

And the award goes to... Rocket Racoon?

Marvel Studios

When you’re a grown man having to pretend to be able to fly or shoot webs out of your wrists, it’s only natural that you may feel a little silly. Those who have seen unedited footage that shows how ridiculous actors can look in scenes pre-CGI and special effects know that acting in a comic book film can be difficult, because it truly tests the limits of your imagination.

The characterisation can be equally difficult – as actors need to both add a personal touch to their characters’ lines, while not straying too far from the canon personality of the role. Add in a dash of brutal workout regimes to look like their chosen hero, and you have a job that – while cool as hell – can easily prove grueling to carry out right.

That said, this only makes it all the cooler when actors do their absolute best in their role. Be it from perfect emoting, adding small details or just being amazingly in character, the best performances will stay with you a long time after the film ends.


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