15 Best Movie Sex Scenes Of 2019

Mermaids, cults, and cramped cars...

Fox Searchlight

2019 wasn’t a bad year for cinema, all told, and was a fitting end to a decade that’s had its ups and downs in terms of cinematic output. Sure, some big budget efforts may have transpired to be tired re-treads of familiar territory (looking at you, Men in Black International), but for every prominent blockbuster which underperformed there were a handful of smaller, stranger releases to more than make up for output in most cineaste’s eyes.

The last year of the decade saw Netflix productions rise to hitherto unforeseen heights, with a significant chunk of this year’s batch of Oscar contenders produced by the streaming behemoth. Within this shifting paradigm, big risks paid off for studios willing to take them, and sure-fire performers flopped despite expectations.

This shift also meant more visibility for demographics previously side-lined and dismissed by Hollywood, with bigger roles for LGBTQ+ characters as well as people of colour. Within this context, the faces of sex on the silver screens started to change too, as evidenced in these examples. Whether it’s a passionate love affair, an awkward part hook up, or an orgy of LSD-laced professional dancers engaging in frantic group sex (you’ll see), here are the fifteen big screen sex scenes we couldn’t get out of our head in 2019.

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