15 Greatest Horror Comedies

14. Basket Case

Analysis Film

Back in 1982 New York was trashier, dirtier and full of interesting and dangerous characters and this is the setting for Frank Henenlotter’s ‘80s grindhouse classic. It is a DIY master class in film-making on a low budget and with non-professional actors.

The story revolves around Duane Bradley, a young guy newly arrived in New York City carrying a wad of cash and a mysterious basket he never lets out of sight.

We find out that in this basket is Belial, Duane’s deformed Siamese twin, separated from him when they were younger but whom Duane rescued. The brothers are telepathically linked and Duane looks after Belial, feeding him copious amounts of burgers and hot dogs. They are in New York to find and kill two of the Doctors involved in the surgery having already murdered the third Doctor back in their home town.

Putting the story aside, the film is a bizarre ride through the grimy weirdness of New York. It is filled with brilliantly odd characters, most of whom are clearly brand new to acting (and probably never acted again). The on-location filming brings a raw, realness and the special effects and gore remain charmingly effective with some old school stop-motion animation bringing Belial to life.


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