15 Kick-Ass Movies Starring WWE Stars Coming In 2019

CM Punk in a Soska Sisters horror about vampire mutants and zombies? SOLD!

CM Punk Rabid
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Now that The Rock is right up there with the highest earners in Hollywood and John Cena seems to have set himself the objective of following in his heavy footsteps when he eventually retires from the ring, it's no wonder wrestlers are increasingly looking toward the silver screen.

Thanks to their prowess with playing characters, learning scripts and generally being entertaining, wrestlers have always been drawn to movies, but now more than ever, the career progression from the squared circle to tinseltown looks like a particularly appealing one. It's got to be easier than punishing road schedules into your 40s.

Luckily for WWE fans who also like popcorn, there are lots of movies coming out at the minute with some very familiar faces involved. And lots of them are well worthy of your attention. For instance, John Hennigan has The Chronicles of Rick Roll set for the near future, but not this year, sadly. Obviously, you'd have been adding it to your calendar already.

But what else is out there for 2019?

15. Fighting with My Family

Fighting With My Family Florence Pugh Paige
WWE Studios

Starring: The Rock (plus Big Show and Sheamus)

Release: March 1st

WWE Studios making a comedy biopic looking at Paige's journey from being a second generation British indie wrestler to taking on the world with WWE might not sound like a great much, but this is not your usual bargain-basement action flick from the studio.

To its eternal credit, it has The Rock in as a producer (and starring in a cameo that seems to be being inflated for marketing purposes, unsurprisingly), a strong acting cast including Game Of Thrones' Lena Headey, Nick Frost, Vince Vaughn and Stephen Merchant (who also directs).

And aside from the acting talent, there are cameos by the likes of Big Show and Sheamus for WWE fans to delight in.

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