15 Most Rewatchable Movies Of All Time

14. Back To The Future

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It's hard to think of another movie quite like Robert Zemeckis' beloved 1985 classic. It's a science fiction adventure with a super-cool time machine, centred on a frenzied race against time; and yet, this is ultimately just the backdrop to a more personal, down to earth story about family, perseverance and self-respect.

It's curious now to think that, until Steven Spielberg came onboard as producer, Zemeckis had no luck getting Back To The Future off the ground as the studios thought it was too tame by comparison with the teen comedies of the time (e.g. Porky's).

The thing is, while it may largely centre on teenagers, Back To The Future is truly a film for all ages. Kids respond to the sci-fi spectacle, and the remarkable chemistry of Michael J Fox's Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd's Doc Brown; whilst older viewers relate more to the nostalgic elements, and the compelling "what if?" question about being friends with your own parents.

It's all such joyous, feel-good entertainment that we can overlook those icky incestuous overtones.

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