15 Most Rewatchable Movies Of All Time

13. The Matrix

Ghostbusters Publicity Still
Warner Bros.

When The Matrix first hit screens in 1999, audiences were anticipating little more than another standard Keanu Reeves action movie. What they got was a film that completely redefined the action genre, and the possibilities of CGI; and, most importantly, a near-flawless film that stands up to endless repeat viewings.

With its mind-blowing central idea that everyday life is merely a computer simulation, The Matrix has inspired endless reams of philosophical speculation (not to mention conspiracy theory).

With its clear overtones of socio-political and religious allegory, it's been subject to many varied academic readings; a matter which has arguably only intensified since its directors, then known as the Wachowski Brothers, have both come out as transgender.

But ultimately, The Matrix endures because it's so well made, crafting a compelling and totally immersive world that it's always rewarding to revisit. Too bad the sequels failed to do it justice, but the original still works perfectly as a stand-alone feature.

Endlessly repeatable quote: "There is no spoon." Or alternatively: "WOAH."

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