15 Sex Scenes The Actors Totally Regretted

1. Elizabeth Berkley - Showgirls (1995)

The Scene: Nomi (Berkley) goes for a naked swim in Zack's (Kyle MacLachlan) swimming pool, and naturally, he follows suit with a bottle of champagne. The pair then get down to business, with Nomi enthusiastically riding Zack by the side of the pool, her thrusts getting more violent and over-the-top the longer the scene goes on, culminating in her floundering around in the water like a dying fish while Zack desperately tries to keep hold of her. Why She Regretted It: This romp is easily the most infamous scene in the entire Razzie-winning mess, largely because of Berkley's performance, which ultimately looks more like someone having an epileptic fit than being caught in the throes of passion. Deservedly, she won a Worst Actress Razzie for her work. Though the actress hadn't yet established a career after finishing work on Saved by the Bell two years prior, Showgirls pretty much ruined any prospect she had of becoming a notable actress overnight. She's not had many significant parts since (go on, try and name one), and though few can argue with Berkley's commitment to the part, it was all for nothing in the end. Which sex scenes make you cringe the most for the actors involved? Shout it out in the comments!
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