15 Sexually Explicit Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die

Sex and horror go together like wine and cheese.

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Just like action movies have their multiple explosions and chase scenes and kids films have their twee and moralistic endings, the horror genre has its very own set of tropes and conventions and sex, it seems, ranks very highly.

By now, fans of the genre are pretty accustomed to the old ‘have sex and you die’ rule in slasher movies and the Hammer Horror vampire that ‘vants to suck your blood’ but far beyond a pert pair of breasts attached to the hot best friend doomed to die for her promiscuous ways or a hickey that induces immortality and bloodlust, these films take their sexually explicit themes to the extreme.

Read on for supposedly unsimulated sex, taboo subject matter, sadomasochism and a healthy splattering of gore and creep factor thrown in for good measure, but be warned – these films just might put you off sex for life.

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