15 Sexually Explicit Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die

5. Thirst

Thirst vampire film

Selfless Catholic priest Sang-hyun takes part in a medical trial to find a cure for a deadly virus but after receiving a blood transfusion finds him suffering from distinctly vampiric tendencies in Korean director Park Chan-wook’s (the same mind behind I’m A Cyborg, But That’s Ok and the brilliantly brutal Oldboy) Cannes Jury Prize-winning 2009 film Thirst.

As his bloodthirst and lusty desires grow, Sang-hyun begins an adulterous affair with his childhood friend’s wife Tae-ju and the pair descend into a world of sin completely at contrast with the priest’s former God-fearing ways.

A series of lustfully realistic sex scenes between the pair follow and beyond plenty of shots of female lead Kim Ok-bin’s bare breasts as Tae-ju, Thirst is also notable as the first mainstream Korean film to include a scene featuring full-frontal male nudity.

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