15 Upcoming Movie Rumours We Hope Aren't True

Not like this, please.

Avengers Infinity War Spider Man Dead
Marvel Studios

The buzz cycle leading up to a movie's release can often end up more exciting and satisfying than the film itself, as fans fervently discuss all those insane, ludicrously creative and suspiciously believable rumours and fan theories.

From superhero movies to the most anticipated blockbuster sequels of the next 18 months, these are the films on everyone's lips right now, and the Internet is naturally rife with speculation about how things might end up.

In the case of these 15 movie rumours, fingers are firmly crossed that the scuttlebutt amounts to nothing, because if these theories do indeed turn out to be true, the films are each going to face huge uphill struggles to win over audiences.

With movie marketing and online chatter being what they are, a good number of these rumours should (hopefully) amount to nothing, but if you're feeling a little iffy about some of the more plausible rumours on this list, you're certainly not alone...


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