17 Sex Scenes That Supposedly Weren't Simulated

Sex, as it's supposed to be.

Attitudes to sex in cinema are all wrong. You can show a head getting blown off but you can't show another kind actually being blown. You can fill a screen with gallons of blood but one speck of ejaculate causes controversy. You can show all manner of stabbings and insertions but anything even close to actual penetration is a no-go, an act likely to send sexless censors everywhere into a seizure. Somehow, sex, in the cinema at least, has become worse than violence. That's sex, something that most of us love; a healthy, natural, necessary act; the reason we're all here; sex, all but banished from the movies unless its a sanitised, representative-in-no-way-whatsoever-of-any-sex-any-one-has-ever-actually-had Fifty Shades of Grey style of sex. Step outside the mainstream, however - generally towards the edges of art-house and foreign cinema - and you will find numerous examples of actual on-screen sex, sex that's not realistic because it's close to looking like the actual thing, but because it is the actual thing; unsimulated, unsanitised, natural, real. There are over 100 examples of unsimulated sex in cinema, and here are 17 of the most famous (or infamous), notorious examples for you to consider (though be warned, not all allude to the "healthy, natural" version of the act I describe in the second paragraph.)
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