17 Sex Scenes That Supposedly Weren't Simulated

9. Baise-Moi

One of the most savage, nasty, outright abhorrent films ever made, Baise-Moi (which roughly translates as Rape Me, to give you an idea of what sort of film this is) opens with a brutal gang-rape and continues from there. The rape, though obviously not actual rape, is nevertheless unsimulated, with legitimate vaginal penetration. This gives off a disquieting, sickening vibe, like you're actually witnessing the act for real. This is the sort of film Baise-Moi sets itself up to be, as we see two women (Nadine and Manu, both played by former porn-stars ) go on a debauched, destructive rampage of sex and violence. There are other unsimulated sex scenes in the film, most of which are consensual (as in they are not shown as acts of rape), but the opening fifteen minutes linger over Baise-Moi and ultimately paint the rest of the film in its manky, unattractive colours. This is one touch watch. But whereas other tough-watches - like, say, Gaspar NoƩ's Irreversible - can be deemed ultimately worth it because they offer substance to counterbalance the depravity, Baise-Moi offers no such antithesis, and the grainy, cheap-as-f*ck aesthetic of the movie only serves to strengthen the suggestion that this is little more than a feature-length porno.
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