17 Sex Scenes That Supposedly Weren't Simulated

7. Sex And Lucia

One of the most elegant, lyrical, surreal films featured here, Julio Medem's Sex and Lucia (Lucía y el sexo, to give it its proper title) is a non-linear, visually striking exercise in eroticism, one that again sways way more towards the poetic side of this list's shocking/poetic scale. Featuring multiple scenes of unsimulated sex (this includes the porn film made by one of the film's characters), most notably the cunnilingus performed by Lorenzo (Tristán Ulloa) on Lucia (Paz Vega), the film, which won Vega a Goya award for Most Promising Newcomer (basically Spain's version of the Oscars), weaves a purposefully impenetrable web, far more concerned with the parts that make it up than what the parts make up. Still, this is a ravishing film, one of the most legitimately titillating on show and one that never lets its steam clear; a picture that sustains its high sexual charge from start to finish.
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