17 Sex Scenes That Supposedly Weren't Simulated

5. The Brown Bunny

Roger Ebert called The Brown Bunny the "worst film to ever screen at Cannes" when it screened there in 2003, and, though Ebert revised his opinion to a positive one when he saw the edited-down version (which exercised over twenty-five minutes from the original) a year later, it remains that Vincent Gallo's film is one of the most divisive, talked about pieces of erotic cinema of the last two decades or so. An overlong, indulgent film, The Brown Bunny originally opened with just twenty straight minutes of Gallo's character, Bud Clay, driving. In any other instance this would be the film's talking point, but here it's the scene near the climax (pun unintentional) of the picture which caused most controversy; the scene in which Bud receives an uncut, unsimulated blowjob from Daisy (Chloe Sevigny). Shot so it was just the star and director in the room, the scene follows the fellatio from start to finish, as Gallo stands over Sevigny, who sits on the edge of the bed while the director holds himself in her mouth.When he's done, a blurred shot sees him lie down next to her. "Thank you so much", he says, which sounds more like a post-sex pleasantry far more than it does any line of actual dialogue.
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