17 Sex Scenes That Supposedly Weren't Simulated

4. Anatomy Of Hell

A shocking body-horror from director Catherine Breillat - a truly outrageous filmmaker who could've had four or five films on this list and whose work is always unrated - Anatomy of Hell sees a woman (credited only as such and played by Amira Casar) employ a gay man (credited only as The Man and played by porn star Rocco Siffredi, who if you've watched porn at any point in the last ten years you'll definitely recognise) to watch and study her nude body. If that doesn't seem too extreme, then consider that Anatomy of Hell includes, in no particular order and not mentioning the various other acts of actual sex that occur throughout the film: extreme close-ups of the labia; the painting of the woman's vagina and rectum with lipstick; unsimulated sex during menstration; the wiping of the menstrual secretion through the man's hair; a bloody tampon dipped into water which is then drank; the insertion of a stone dildo into the woman's vagina; and this line, which is a good a place as any to leave things: "You can't deny what those black tufts remind you of with their shiny putrid hairiness. A just-hatched bird, still wet from the egg." .
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