17 Sex Scenes That Supposedly Weren't Simulated

3. 9 Songs

At just under 70 minutes, cult British director, Michael Winterbottom's, 9 Songs, the story of a man (Kieran O'Brien) recollecting his sexual relationship with a younger woman (Margo Stilley), is pretty much all unsimulated sex, starting out with traditional acts before delving into those of a more experimental nature. The only mainstream British film to show a male actor actually ejaculating on camera, 9 Songs, which is so called because the relationship is defined by 9 key songs at different points within, was considered at the time to be the most sexually explicit mainstream film ever released in the UK (and still might be). Verging from traditional, straight-up sex, to things like bondage and foot-play (Tarantino be proud), the film, unlike many on this list, was actually praised upon release, cited as a film that, while ostensibly looking like pornography, is actually a deeply sexual love story. The film received an 18 certificate on these shores (rather than being cut), ensuring that the unsimulated sex was seen as an artistic part of the film's themes, rather than crossing the divide into actual pornography.
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