17 Sex Scenes That Supposedly Weren't Simulated

17. Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song

Most famous for its shocking opening scene, which sees thirteen-year-old Mario Van Peebles, son of director Melvin Van Peebles, having sex with a prostitute - which is bad enough without considering the claims that the younger Van Peebles was forced into the act - Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song is a truly revolutionary film, paving the way for the a whole genre (Blaxploitation) in its tale of a live underground sex performer sticking it to The Man (the film opens with a title card that reads "This film is dedicated to all The Brothers and Sisters who had enough of The Man"). Despite claims to the contrary, the opening scene, which is blacked out on British editions of the DVD because it breaches the Child Protection Act, was obviously simulated. Not so the rest of the film, which sees Van Peebles (Melvin) conduct all of his own sex-acts, most notably in one instance where he is surrounded by a phalanx of bikers as he performs. (As a side-note, Van Peebles actually caught gonorrhea during filming. He used this to his advantage by applying for workers compensation, which he was subsequently granted, eventually using the money to further fund the picture). A truly divisive film, Sweetback is both essential and tasteless, but its influence, which stretched farther than Blaxploitation to effect Black cinema and even Hollywood as a whole, cannot be denied. The film was rated X, which the ads proudly stated was "Rated X - By an all white jury".
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