17 Sex Scenes That Supposedly Weren't Simulated

16. Pink Flamingos

While most of these entries will go into as much detail as space permits, I'm going to keep this one real quick, for Pink Flamingos really is my most hated film of all time; one I simply can't stomach (even the still above is making me feel nauseated). If it's had that effect on me (and usually I can watch just about anything), then director John "The Prince of Puke" Waters has achieved what he set out to with do Pink Flamingos - which sees a transvestite go after the title of Filthiest Person Alive, or something - a film he intentionally set up to be in the worst taste possible. The film features all manner of heinous acts, none of which I care to describe. The unsimulated sex mainly relates to an instance of fellatio, an act which led to the film being banned in Australia (it has since had the ban lifted, only to have the film's DVD discontinued). Moving on...
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