17 Sex Scenes That Supposedly Weren't Simulated

13. Cruising

In which Al Pacino's cop, Steve Burns, goes undercover in New York's underground S&M scene in order to catch a serial killer. William Friedkin's film, a downright grisly affair, opens with a disclaimer that it's not an indictment of homosexuality; a disclaimer that did little in preventing the protests of homosexual groups (since this was just before the AIDS crisis, many of these groups were the first of their kind) who saw the film as an unnecessary and pigeon-holed attack on the gay lifestyle. While a bizarre, ostentatiously camp film - one brutal scene involves, for seemingly no reason, a man conducting a police interrogation in a thong and a cowboy hat - it can be said that Cruising is perhaps a little misunderstood, and while it's certainly a product of its time, it remains an interesting movie, not to mention a quintessential Friedkin. The unsimulated sex on show in Cruising is particularly peculiar, the director choosing to cut footage of real gay sex into more than one scene (most notably a murder scene). In it's current form, the film can be seen in its R version, which is heavily cut. Around 40 minutes were exercised from the original version, 40 minutes that have never seen the light of day, with Friedkin stating recently that they were nothing but "pure pornography" (James Franco's and Travis Matthews' Interior Leather Bar, a docu-fiction, re-imagines the lost 40 minutes.)
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