17 Sex Scenes That Supposedly Weren't Simulated

11. The Idiots

The second film of the Dogme '95 movement, Lars Von Trier's provocative, boundary-pushing The Idiots, which sees a commune of Copenhagen oddballs embrace their "inner idiot" in order to truly liberate themselves and protest bourgeoisie convention, contains mostly simulated sex, but there is definitely one instance of actual penetration in the long group-sex scene, though this was performed by stand-ins from the porn industry, their faces obscured. Nevertheless, The Idiots, which caused controversy for its attitudes towards disability as well as for its sexual content, is a stark picture, shot in hand-held (as is one of Dogme '95's rules) to lend the sex (and indeed the film) an unappealing, seemingly cheap aesthetic. Notable for its abundance of nudity - and for its frank erection shot - much of The Idiots was pixelated for US audiences, a trend which continued when the film was first broadcast on television on these shores (on Film Four, back in 2000).
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