17 Sex Scenes That Supposedly Weren't Simulated

10. Pola X

The most explicit scenes in Leos Carax's Pola X supposedly use body-double stand-ins, but it remains that stars Guillaume Depardieu and Yekaterina Golubeva certainly engage in unsimulated sex of some sort during the film; sex that, in narrative terms at least, falls under the incestuous category as Carax loosely adapts Herman Melville's Pierre, or The Ambiguities. Nowhere near as controversial (or indeed raw, though there is a certain mania to the narrative) as some of the other films on this list, Pola X, a byproduct of the New French Extremity, was screened in competition at Cannes '99 and is one of the more sensual films on show here; provocative and dealing with the problematic theme of incest, yes, but also deeply steeped in the art-house (as opposed to the grainier aesthetic of something like Dogme '95), with the one key unsimulated sex scene (ft. cunnilingus and mutual masturbation) bathed in blue shadow to lessen its graphic blow (this is one of the best looking films on this list, a fact that undoubtedly makes Pola X seem less harsh than some of the other entries).
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