17 Subtle Star Wars Easter Eggs And References In Other Movies

2. Omnidroid - The Incredibles (2004)

An ordinary family they are not. Bob Parr used to fight crime and save lives on a daily basis, though that was when he was known as Mr Incredible. He and his super-powered wife have hung up their cloaks and tried to bring their family up in as normal circumstances as possible, though when Bob receives a mysterious message about a new assignment, he can't resist squeezing into his spandex to face off against a Star Wars inspired killing machine. The machine in question is actually named Omnidroid, which LucasFilm (who own the rights to the use of the word droid) gave their chums Disney permission to use. There is also a scene in the film in which Dash is chased across some water by a bunch of Syndrome's henchmen that mimics the Return Of The Jedi speeder bike chase in which Luke and Leia pursue some scout troopers who have uncovered the Rebel Alliance's activity on Endor.

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