20 Most Ridiculous Movie Sex Scenes

Superheroes and sex never mix.

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Warner Bros.

As anyone with a working pair of eyeballs will appreciate, sex sells, and aside from the porn industry itself, probably no more is that true than in Hollywood.

Audiences like watching attractive people, especially if they're disrobing for some between-the-sheets action, hence why so many big-budget movies feature at least one gratuitous sex scene that adds little to the characters or plot.

Most of these scenes don't even touch the sides and are forgotten as quickly as they've shown up, but sometimes a scene is so outrageous, either good or bad, that it becomes impossible to shake.

Some of these scenes are laughably tone-deaf or off-the-mark while others intentionally revel in their ridiculousness for uproarious laughs, though in each you'll probably find yourself considering: is this actually sexy or not?

You sure as hell wouldn't want to watch these scenes with your family, that's for sure. Here are the 20 most ridiculous movie sex scenes...

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