20 Sexiest Movies Of All-Time

Like it or not, sex sells.

The movies were made for sex. It is, after all, the most primal of all human acts. And it is the idea of sex that keeps us coming back to the multiplexes for more, allowing us to stare up from the front row to imagine what it might be like to touch or kiss or - let's face it - sleep with an array of gorgeous Hollywood stars. It would be dishonest to suggest that their being there was for any reason other than to entice audiences into theatres on the promise of sex. Movies use sex in lots of ways, and one could certainly argue that - on a fundamental level - it is the key feature of the entire medium (and always has been, perhaps?). But what does it mean for a movie to be "sexy?" What makes one erotic thriller a waste of time, and another a must-see? How much actual sex does a movie need to feature in order to earn the title of a "sexy movie?" Is the act of sex (and all that is associated with it) better shown or depicted in explicit detail, or is it better to tease the audience? Perhaps somewhere in the following list - made up of 20 undeniably sexy movies spanning decades and decades of cinematic endeavour - there lies an answer...
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