20 Things You Somehow Missed In Toy Story

Toy Story continues to fascinate 25 years on.


Cinema doesn't get much better than Toy Story, Pixar's ground-breaking computer-animated film which effectively reinvented the animated medium while creating a beloved franchise that endures to this very day.

And though most of us have probably watched Pixar's inaugural movie dozens - if not hundreds - of times over the years and know every single line of dialogue by heart, it's a film so dense, so rich in visual detail that there's probably still a ton you haven't discovered 25 years (!) on.

From sneaky Easter eggs hidden in plain sight, to fascinating animation shortcuts, secret "cameos," pop-culture references, and everything else in-between, these 20 things have most certainly passed you by over the years.

It speaks to Pixar's meticulous attention to detail that, even in their risky first project, they ensured to include details which are still being uncovered by long-time fans today. Toy Story truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

If you did manage to notice any of these 20 hidden details, though, give yourself a firm part on the back...

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